Stone, Stair, & Concrete Patio Demolition

If you want to change the layout or aesthetic of your backyard, get started by removing the patio, stone pavers, or stairs you aren’t getting any use out of. There’s no substitute for an experienced Charlotte Demolition Contractor who will make your life so much easier. That’s exactly what you’ll find when you choose Rush Removal!

Get Your Demo Work Done Right the First Time

Some property owners are apprehensive about demolishing stairs and patios because they may be attached to your home or building. If you’re hiring an inexperienced contractor, they could end up damaging the surrounding property in the process. If this happens, not only do you have to pay to repair those damages, but you have to hire another to do the job all over again.

But when you work with Rush Removal, this won’t be a concern. Our extensive experience means you can rest assured that we’ll demo what you want demoed—nothing more. The surrounding property remains untouched, so we protect the structural integrity of your home or building.

A Charlotte Demolition Contractor That Does It All

Rush Removal works with a wide variety of materials including concrete, brick, stone, landscaping pavers, and everything in between. We know the different techniques needed to work on every material for the best results. No matter what the materials are and what size of project we’re dealing with, you can expect exceptional, thorough service at a competitive rate.